Sluice Fest is a three day music festival that celebrates the Sluice fanzine, a Huntsville based zine centered around music, art, and community. 

photo by Shannon Watson

Sluice Fest is a staple in the Huntsville music scene that brings together regional music acts to showcase area talent while inspiring community engagement.

photo by Shannon Watson

Sluice Fest is powered by a women-led team with Ashleigh Jackson and Christina Nava at the helm. Christina and Ashleigh work hard to produce shows that give 100 percent of the proceeds to the bands playing and crew used. A ticket purchased to any Sluice Fest event directly supports the greater North Alabama music scene.

Last year, Sluice Fest had over 300 attendees and was able to raise ~11,000 for bands and production crew. This pumped much needed resources into the Huntsville music scene while also creating a breeding ground for connections that continue to enrich the community.

photo by Josh Roberts

Got a venue that is free to use or another resource to give to the music community? Contact to collaborate!

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